iPAS2 Atlanta Business Marketing Meetup – Avoid Excuses to Stop You From Networking

networking-and-relationshipsIf you are new in Atlanta or a neighboring town or are trying to make a few new friends for fun or business – it is essential to work on your networking skills and come to our iPAS2 monthly marketing meetup. They are a blast and fun/safe for all ages – so come one come all!

Networking is a process that can allow you to connect with people and gain customers in your business. The ability to achieve your social interaction and marketing goals whether online or offline is highly determined by your network relationships, specially if you plan to develop career in Network marketing.

Everything will be easier if you have iPAS 2 relationships you can depend on for support, collaboration and access. However, the biggest challenge is that many people do not devote the energy and time required to develop these relationships. There are proven and results-oriented marketing systems that leverage the power of the internet to bring people together. The ipas2 system is notorious for this as it helps bridge the gap between customer and marketer very easily. We will go over this much more in detail during the meetup here in downtown Atlanta.

This particular group will be headed by mogul Tracey Walker (Ultimate Team Building Formula) who will share all of the vital elements to making you a superior networker in your city and business.

This article provides you with some of the most common excuses that should NOT stop you from networking or using the iPAS2 success system.

5 Things To Avoid To Network Successfully

Saying you do not have time

Once you make meeting people a major priority, you will get the time required to do so.

Opportunities to network are already in your plan. At the start of every week, it’s a good idea to check your calendar and see about any meetings of events you will be attending. Its a great idea to  ensure that you connect with people before and after the meeting. This is one of the best tips for networking effectively.

Take advantage of any events to connect with others.

Being uncomfortable with new people

You cannot succeed in networking if you are not comfortable interacting with others . Its key to feel comfortable around people in order to make a connection with them. identifying what exactly makes you uncomfortable can be crucial to breakthrough and leave fears in the past.

Being unsure on how to start conversation

It is important that you turn your curiosity loose. You need to be free to ask anything you want. For instance, you can ask people about their careers, passions, families and other issues. Sincerity will help overcome any problem you may have in your conversational skills.

Come up with conversational openers that you feel are right to you. You should be ready to ask simple questions, be open minded,  in order to allow other people to be open too when giving their response. When we asked entrepreneur Vick Strizheus what he thought about local meetups, he had this to say, “Being face to face in a digital world means so much at the end of the day because you transmit a much bigger and different message as a whole…its extremely beneficial to do both to sustain your business and growth.”

Over-thinking what to say

To succeed in networking, you need to be able to talk on demand.
You should be able to think fast and give response that will make the person you are connecting with satisfied with the response. Always talk of things that you care about. One of the principles always expressed inside the iPAS2 community is to be yourself and improve daily.

Viewing networking as inauthentic

If your goal is to enter into interesting conversation with a person, then it means that you are being authentic. You need to know that you may not be comfortable with this, but you are authentic. There are must-read books to help further your awareness and expansion into other roles of networking successfully.

Authenticity is something that you choose, but it is not something that you have. If you are not outgoing, you will feel uncomfortable to begin with. You need to be friendly and genuine instead of being captivating and brilliant.

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